Baradari Gardens

The Baradari gardens surround the Baradari palace located in the north of old Patiala city, just outside Sheranwala Gate. The gardens, laid under Maharaja Rajindera Singh were planted extensively rare trees and shrubs, dotted with impressive Colonial buildings and a marble statue of Maharaja Rajindera Singh and the Fern House. The 19th century Fern House, a replica of the one in Calcutta forms a unique attraction along with quaint Rink Hall.

Baradari garden is a perfect spot for the nature lovers. It is situated in northern part of the city, outside the Sheranwala Gate. Built around the Baradari palace, this garden used to be frequented by the then Prince Rajinder Singh very often. 

The prince being a nature lover bought saplings of rare trees and used to plant them in this garden. The visitors mainly visit the place to admire the rare flora and seek peace in the surroundings.

The main attractions are the huge fruit trees, the fern house and the rock garden. 

The Baradari Gardens was sanctioned and constructed under the rule of Raja Rajinder Singh, who was an avid nature lover, the Garden was established around his residence, The Baradari Palace in 1876. Located at a distance of approximately 2 Km from the mapped center of Patiala, the Barandari Garden can be reached in under 10 minutes via the Rajbaha Road.

The Baradari Garden, as the name suggests was formed with two words of the language Punjabi, Bara and Dar. Bara stands for twelve and dar standing for doors, which gives the meaning of the name implying to a garden with twelve entrances. The Garden was built in a Mughal influenced design in the year 1876 by Raja Rajinder Singh. Baradari Gardens is situated in the north of Patiala City. Situated near the outer part of Sheranwala Gate, the Baradari Gardens was constructed all around the Baradari Palace. The Baradari Palace was the residence of the then Ruler, Raja Rajinder Singh. Baradari Gardens, laid down encircling the legendary Rajindera Kothi (Baradari Kothi) is an arresting and bewitching Arcadia clogged with immeasurable and unfathomable nature pulchritude. This photographic and panoramic garden is christened after the Grand Baradari enclosed by the Rajindera Kothi. Positioned in the northern Old Patiala near the Sheranwala Gate, Baradari Gardens was landscaped during the governance of Maharaja Rajindra Singh in later half of 19th century. This extravagant garden is remarkable for its rich collection of rare shrubs and trees. Maharaja Rajindra Singh was a lover of nature and beauty. He collected the rare varieties of saplings, floral plants, shrubs and fruit trees from every corner of the country and cultivated them in this garden. A cricket stadium and a skating rink were also set up in the Baradari Gardens by the Maharaja. Today the Baradari Gardens house a wonderful statue of Maharaja Rajindra Singh sculpted out of marble. A Fern House and a Rock Garden are also established in the Baradari Gardens.

The importance Baradari garden can be ascertained from its name. This name was formed with two words of Punjabi Bara and Dar. Bara stands for twelve and dar stands for doors. It means garden with twelve entrances. It was built in a mughal style in 1876 by Rajinder singh. Baradari gardens are in the north of Patiala city. It is situated in the outer part of Sheranwala Gate. Baradari gardens were constructed near the Baradari palace. Baradari palace was a residence of Emperor Rajinder Singh. He brought rare species of trees and flowering plants from different places and planted them in this The big fruit trees the Fern House and the Rock Garden shows his interest towards nature. Another name of Rajinder Kothi is Baradari Kothi because it is situated near the Baradari Garden. Today, the Baradari Palace is a warehouse of important historical documents.

The Baradari Palace was renovated and now is under the care of Neemrana Hotels, offering the tourists a taste of luxury in their services, the Palace itself is a huge and beautiful establishment and surrounded by the Baradari Gardens sums up the complete stay a memory to cherish.

The main attraction of the Baradari Gardens are the huge fruit trees, some planted by Rajinder Singh himself, the garden comprises of a varied number of species of flowers and ferns brought from all around and planted in the Baradari Garden. No entry fee is charged upon the visitors, the Rock Garden and the Fern House being the most attracting and highlights of the Baradari Garden. Barandari Gardens can be visited during timings 5:00 AM – 11:55 PM.

Baradari Gardens, located north of Old Patiala city nearby Sheranwala Gate was built during the reign of Maharaja Rajinder Singh. It houses a lot of rare trees, shrubs and flowers along which graces the presence of colonial buildings.

There is also a statue of Maharaja Rajinder Singh in the garden. This was built as a royal residence with cricket stadium, a skating rink and Rajinder Kothi, which is a small palace and now turned into a heritage hotel.

How to Reach:
By Air

The nearest Airport is at Chandigarh

By Train

Railway Station is around 1 KM

By Road

Bus Stand is around 1 KM

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