TRAI New Regulation On SMS Communication

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TRAI New Regulation On SMS Communication

As a follow-up to our earlier communication, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) published a new regulatory directive on February 16, 2023, outlining steps to stop the misuse of headers and content templates.
Based on recent communications from DLT providers we would like to inform you that DLT operators have enabled functionalities wherein Entity can verify their existing headers and content templates.

We request you to kindly go through the below key pointers:

  1. 1. Verify and validate all your registered headers on the DLT platform within the TAT defined by your DLT Operator.
  2. 2. Release/surrender the headers that are not in use.
  3. 3. Verify and validate all the registered content templates on the DLT platform within the TAT defined by your DLT Operator.

Below are the new guidelines for the new and existing content templates:-

  1. 1. limit your templates to a reasonable number to suit your activities, and surrender the rest
  2. 2. The above process needs to be done according to the TAT given by the individual DLT Operators.
  3. 3. As per New Directive, only two variables are allowed in template and third variable will be allowed only in case of exigency. The variables cannot be in a continuous format.
  4. 4. Effective 1st March 2023, any content template request with more than 2 variables will not be approved by the Operators. Only in exceptional circumstances, where the Entity shows sufficient justification, May the Operator permit more than two variables. The Operators’ discretion will be exercised in deciding whether to approve such templates having more than two variables.

We urge you for timely completion of the Verification and Validation process from your side before the new DLT regulatory directive gets live.

Your support and cooperation are highly appreciated. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any further queries please write to

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