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Street food is the most influential part of any City’s food culture! The kind of street food available in any city depicts the culture of city also. If the city is fast moving then the must be of a kind that can be eaten easily while going to work like the one is in Mumbai.But , if we consider Nashik, is is a very slow city as compared to Mumbai. So, we can easily distinguish the ROAD FOOD culture of Nashik because it is unique from any other city.We can see the influence of food which can be eaten while having a chat or while relaxing for an hour or so. People in Nashik are never in hurry. They always look calm and so their snacks are.

Best Street Food in Nashik (Vegetarian)

1. Thalipeeth at Heramb
Delicious Thali Meal at Heramb

If you love authentic Maharashtrian cuisine, or want to sample it for the first time on your trip to Nashik, Heramb is the right place for you to do so.

Eat the Thalipeeth or Modaks of Maharashtra and be pleasantly surprised by the moderate bills. This clean and hygienic restaurant could well become a habit for you, given the scrumptious food and genuine hospitality you get here.

2. Bhel Puri at Shaukin Bhel
Amazingly Bhel Puri

Serving highly satisfied customers since 1998, Shaukin Bhel is a one stop destination for people who love this savoury chat item. Service is prompt and courteous, and the food items are definitely worth sampling.

If you thought you would have to bring cash to a street food stall, you would be wrong as, at Shaukin Bhel they accept all cards too.

3. Missal Pav at Ambika Missal
Maharashtrian delicacy, Missal Pav in a Bowl

Hanging out with friends or family to enjoy street food is in itself a great experience and eating some the best foods, designed to tickle your palate and gladden your heart, generally takes it to another level altogether.

Ambika Missal serves Missal Pav, an authentic Maharashtrian snack, a spicy delicious snack loved by the locals and the tourists in Nashik.

4. Vada Pav at Krishna Vada Pav
India’s Answer to McDonalds’ Burger

This Maharashtrian version of a burger, with a deep fried patty or fritter sandwiched between buttery square-shaped bread/bun is now ubiquitous to India and relished mostly as a street food.

Green chillies, raw onions, spicy coriander and mint chutney are all offered as accompaniments with the dish, to take it up a few more notches in its flavour. Krishna Vada Pav is one of the most popular street food shops in Nashik, where you can get Vada Pav.

5. Sabudana Wada at Sayantara Sabudana Wada
Festival Snack made of Sabudana or Tapioca Pearls

Who can resist a crunchy and yummy snack which is full of flavour and mouth-wateringly yummy? These wadas (fritters) made of tapioca pearls are extremely famous and specially made on festival days, as people who keep a fast for religious purposes can still eat these.

Considered a good snack to break one’s fast on, sabudana wada is definitely one of the most coveted street foods in Nashik.

Street Food in Nashik (Non-vegetarian)

6. Momos at Tibetan Bazaar
Momos served with sauce in a Platter

Momos served with sauce in a Platter

Visit the Tibetan Bazaar at Nashik for delicious momos served with sesame and chilli sauce or the yummy noodle soup called thupka from the immigrant Tibetans who sell woolen clothing and other trinkets here.

7. Shawarma at Arabian Express
Tempting Shawarma Rolls

If you have never eaten this delicacy called shawarma, now may be your opportunity as Nashik offers an authentic version of the Arabian recipe at Arabian Express. Shawarma is a Middle-East version of a gyro which serves thin slices of chicken mixed with yoghurt, wrapped in pita bread.

This fast food item is fast becoming a universal favourite and spreading fast to different parts of India, so you have hope if you find it addictive.

8. Kheema Pav at Joggers Pavilion
Joggers Pavilion

If you are the type to jogging every morning, you can treat yourself to the amazing breakfast offered by the Joggers’ Pavilion. This comfortable outdoor eating place is set in a nice garden and is extremely comfortable.

The signature dishes here are classic blends with new market tastes in breakfast offerings. Especially famous dishes here are kheema pav and misal pav.

9. Delicious rolls at Roadside Wraps
Drool-worthy Wraps at Nashik

Perfect prices, high-quality ingredients, tasty offerings and good service all rolled into one will be an apt description of Roadside Wraps, which is all about yummy street food starting from its name.

Visitors here enjoy the variety of fare, like their veg and non-veg rolls, shawarma, momos and kebabs. The prices are very reasonable, when we look at the quantities served. If you can’t go to them, they come to you with door delivery.

Best Street Food in Nashik (Sweets and Beverages)

10. Jalebi at Buddha Halwai
Yummy Jalebi in the making

Hygiene, variety and quality are a few of the things which define the sweets at the Buddha Halwai shop in Nashik where the jalebi is considered to be simply outstanding.

Started in 1956, this store has specialty items like potato jilebi for fasting days and focus at all times on customer satisfaction. Street food in Nashik doesn’t get any better than this.

11. Cooling Lassi at Bagga Sweets and Snacks
Authentic Cold Lassi topped with Nuts and Cream

This famous street food place offers a high range of variety in the sweets and savouries including the chaat offered here. People come here for the quality of the food as well as the variety offered.

You get every variety of popular street foods in Nashik at Bagga sweets and the best thing about this is that the experience doesn’t really put a big strain on your pocket.

12. Pineapple Juice at Samarth Juice
Delectable Pineapple Juice, with or without Ice Cream

Delectable Pineapple Juice, with or without Ice Cream

Located in the centre of the city, this highly reputed juice centre has been here for many years, maintaining the quality of its offerings and its reputation intact.

The pineapple juice here is considered to be the best, though the other juices are also very good. Ask anyone who has been visiting this place, for years and years.

Hanging out with friends and family to enjoy street foods is in itself a great experience. If that food happens to be some of the best you have ever tasted and is designed to tickle your palate and gladden your heart, that becomes an experience to really savour. That’s exactly what you will find at these and other street food places in Nashik. As with any other street food vendors, just look at the crowds and you will intuitively know about the quality and taste of the food served at the place.

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