Kapil Muni Temple

About Kapil Muni Temple

Located at a distance of 15 kilometers from Bikaner, Kolayat Temple, Bikaner is a mythological temple, which is believed to have been closely linked with the life of the Indian saint Kapil Muni, the propagator of the ‘Sankhya’ philosophy. Kapil Muni is said to have been the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that the saint had achieved salvation and shed his body under a ‘Peepal’ tree situated here. This impressive grand temple is constructed in marble and sandstones and consists of 32 bathing ‘ghats’ built near a large artificial lake, the Kolayal Lake or the ‘Kapil Sarovar.’ The temple houses the idol of the saint Kapila Muni. Thousands of ‘sadhus’ take a dip in the sacred waters of the lake nearby to purify their sins and to attain salvation. The water of the Kapil Sarovar is considered sacred, and that is probably the reason why the lake never dries. Two famous fairs are organized here at the temple premises every year, the Kolayat Fair on the full moon day and the Cattle Fair, where cattle and camels are being bought and sold.

  • Best Time to VisitEarly Morning, Evening
  • FacilitiesFood Stalls, Washrooms
  • Recommended HoursMin. 1 hour
  • Best Visited WithGroup, Solo, Family, Couple
  • Not AllowedFootwear, Pets

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