Umaid Bhawan Palace

The umaid Bhawan Palace is one of the most beautifully built palaces of that era. The architect behind the splendid structure was the renowned Edwardian architect, henry Vaughan Lanchester. The particulae palce with three hundred and forty seven spacious rooms is an architectural marvel. Currently serving as a hotel, guests of this hotel will be spectacular and grand structure that incorporates as many as three hundred and forty seven spacious rooms. There are various features of the palace that acts a visual treat to the visitors. The dome that rises to a height odf five hundred feet refects a somewhat western character. However, there is also a throne room with murals depicting events from Hindu epic Ramayana. There is also wood paneled Library in the Place. These features provides an enriching experiences to the tourists.

History Of Umaid Bhawan

History of building the Umaid Bhawan Palce is linked to a curse by a saint who had said that a period of drought will follow the good rule of the Rathore Dynasty. Thus, after the end of about 50-year region of Pratap Singh, Hodhpur faced a severe drought and famine conditions in the 1920s for a period of three conesective years. The farmaers of the area faced with famune condition sought the help of the then king Umaid Shingh, who was the 37th Rathore ruler of Marawar at Jodhpur, to Provide them with some employment so that they could survive the famine conditions. The king, in order to help the farmers, decided to buils a lavish palace. He commissioned Henry Vanghan Laanchester as the architect to prepare the plans for the place; Lancester was a contemporary of sir Edwin luyens who planned the buildings of the new Delhi government complex. Lacnester patterend the Umaid Palace on the lines of the new Delhi building complex by adop[ting the theme of domes and columns. The palce was designed as a blend of western thechnology and Indian archectural features.

Umaid Mahal: Heritage Redefined

In contrast to the modern-day touristy whirlwind trips that are over before they even begin, a trip to Rajasthan can be relaxing sojourn that heals the body and soothes the mind. A stay in Umaid Mahal in the heart of the pink city Jaipur, a family-run, heritage style boutique hotel can take you back to the bygone eras where time stood still, and life was more about savouring each moment rather than rushing through them.

The owners of Umaid Mahal, Wing Commander Bhim Singh Rathore(retd) and his wife Arti Rathore belong to the erstwhile royal family of Borunda. Their royal heritage is clearly reflected in the beautiful fresocs, jharokas and the intricate carvings that adorn the wal;ls of this four-stat-facility hotel. A traveler need not go overboard with his budget to experience true royalty. The warmth and hospitality of this family home truly defines the sayings. ‘ Athiti Devo Bhava’ or ‘Guests are Gods’.

So, if uou are truly looking at spending some moments of peace and joy away from the hustle bustle of the madding world, come courtyards and balconies rejuvenate your soul and infuse your body with new vigour and vitality. Sitting in one of the many terraces, you can gaze at the millions of stae that adorn the night sky. Let the colourful paintings and designs take you to a journey far beyond the mundane.

As our guests, you are no less that the gratest of royals. We offer world-class service since we believe that your wish is our command. Come, give us a chance to show you how truly royal you are!

About Umaid Hotels Jaipur

Your travel is incomplete if you have not visited Jaipur the Pink City.

We at Umaid Holiday Homes believe in the ancient Indian window of treating our guests like gods,
“Atheeti Devo Bhava”

Umaid Service Apartments is a part of Umaid Holiday Homes which runs two popular 3 star heritage style hotels in Jaipur, namely Hotel Umaid Bhawan and Hotel Umaid Mahal.

So do visit and give us a chance to look after you to the best of our abilities with warm hospitality and impeccable service.

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