Sujanpur Tira Fort Hamirpur, Himachal

The palace-fort, Sujanpur Tira is situated at a distance of 22kms from Hamirpur town and touches the Kangra border. The fort was built by Raja Abhay Chand of the Katoch dynasty of Kangra in 1758. For more than a century, Sujanpur Tira remained the royal residence for the Katoch dynasty. The fort in the early 19th century was also the residence of Raja Sansar Chand, who is reckoned to be the patron of Kangra School of miniature paintings.

During the early 19th century, the king of Kangra, Sansar Chand, a follower of the Pahari School of Miniature Paintings, lived here. When the emperor lost Kangra to the British, Sujanpur Fort became a shelter for him and his family. There are 12 chambers and a hall in the building of this fort. The chambers here were made for the other kings who would come to meet with King Sansar Chand in Kangra. Situated on the banks of Beas river, the fort also has a Barahdari Hall where hearings were held. The large compound of this fort is now used for Holi celebrations, a popular Hindu festival of colours, which is celebrated for 3 to 4 days.

The Sujanpur fort is a little-known place when it comes to tourist destinations. Perched on a hilltop, it overlooks the town of Sujanpur Tira. The fort offers some of the striking views of the Sujanpur Chaugan which currently is with the “Sainik School” and used to be a battlefield during the era of Katoch dynasty. The fort still belongs to the descendants of Maharaja Sansar Chand.

Known to be built in the year 1750, by Maharaja Abhay Chandra the fort was erected with the intention to function as the military station of his kingdom. British rulers also used the fort during their stay in India in the later years of its being.

Architecturally, the fort provides a good impression of medieval structures as it overlooks the settlement of Sujanpur. It was constructed by the rulers of Kangra in the early 18th century and was a favorite residence of Raja Sansar Chand, a great supporter of Kangra miniature paintings. It was under his rule that Sujanpur Holi became famous and was played by him and his royal family with his courtiers and elites. And since then Sujanpur Holi is a renowned festival here which is celebrated with great zeal and pomp every year.
This fortress has some beautiful wall paintings which are worth seeing. The main attraction is the Gauri Shankar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati which contains Ashtdhatu Gauri Shankar standing statue and houses some old drums and sculptures.

The fort is highly considered in the Indian history and one of the ancient dated forts. Today this property belongs to the Archaeological Survey of India. Like any other fort, the rulers have left their marks and shaped up the historical heritage of the hill state at this place as well.

Sujanpur Tira is known for its five temples of which Gauri Shankar is within the palace precincts. Dedicated to Shiva and Parvati, the temple was built by Raja Sansar Chand in A.D. 1804. It has a number of wall paintings that are still bright and have been executed with precision. Floral designs, figures of Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha and other human and divine forms adorn the temple from inside as well as from outside.

Location: A beautiful small town, situated at an altitude of about 515 Meters above sea level on the left bank of Beas River at a distance of 24 Kilometers from Hamirpur on Hamirpur Palampur road. Sujanpur is the Sub Divisional Headquarter, Tehsil Headquarter and Development Block Headquarter.

Best Time to Visit: This place is easily accessible throughout the year. But rainy season adds a lot to the beauty of this town.

What to See:

  • Historical Katoch Dynasty Sujanpur Fort situated at a distance of 4 Kilometers.
  • Famous for the Chaugan (ground) which is the biggest one in the state.
  • Narvdeshwar Mahadev Temple situated in the town built during 1823 A.D.
  • Gauri Shankar temple built during the time of Raja Sansar Chand in 1793 A.D. is situated in the Form at a distance of 4 Kilometers from the town.
  • Murli Manohar temple built in 1790 A.D. is situated in the middle of the town.
  • Prestigious Sainik School Sujanpur Tira is situated in the middle of the town.

How to Reach:

By Air

There is no Airport in district Hamirpur, thus no direct Air Service / Flight is available to this town. The nearest Airport to Sujanpur is Gaggal (Kangra) near Dharamshala. Gaggal Airport is about 108 KMs far

By Train

There is no direct Train service to this town. The nearest railway stations from Sujanpur is Una (Broad Gauge Railway line), Amb (Broad Gauge Railway line) and Jawalamukhi Road (Narrow Gauge Railway line). Una Railway Station is about 104 KMs far. Amb railway station is approximately 94 KMs away.

By Road

This place is very well connected by road from all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh and other neighboring states. Regular bus service is available to this place. Taxis are also easily available.

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