Ramanagaram – Age-old Silk Trade

Ramanagara as we know it today would probably never have the same appeal if Sholay was not shot there. The film was iconic and the iconic status rubbed off on Ramanagaraor Ramgarh as it is known in the film.

Sholay was not, however, the first film that showcased the earthy appeal of the area. David Lean’s film, “A Passage to India” put the rough-hewn boulders in the limelight with small door-like grottoes to make them look like caves. Whether being in a legendary movie’s shooting locale appeals to you or not, there is a lot more that the picturesque locale has to offer.

Ramanagara is situated at a distance of 50 KM from Bangalore city. Previously it was called ‘Closepet’. Later it was renamed as Ramanagara which was derived from Ramagiri hill near the town. Ramanagara is a newly carved out district from Bangalore Rural District, Comprising of four Taluks, viz. Ramanagara, Channapatna, Magadi & Kanakapura. The District is bounded by Bangalore Urban District in the North and Mandya District in the South, Bangalore Urban District and Tamilnadu in the East and Tumkur District in the West.

       The District has flora and fauna, hilly and plain area. Granites are a major geographical feature of this region and are from the lower proterozoic era..The total Geographical area of Ramanagara District is 3516 Sq. Km., of which 699.46 Sq. Km. is Forest Area, and having 823 villages. Cauvery, Arkavathi & Kanva are the three rivers flowing in the District. Commercial crops like Mulberry, coconut,   cocoon production, Ragi, Toor Dal (Togari bele), Mango and groundnut are the main crops of the District.

      Ramanagara District is known for Mulberry, Silk Weaving, Milk and Toys. Ramanagara houses one of the biggest Silk Market in India, giving it the name as “Silk City’’. Ramanagara District has an industrial area, housing well known and big Industries such has Toyota, Coca-Cola, Bosch etc., The Channapatna is known as `Toys City’ of Karnataka as it houses many Industries producing wooden toys which are very famous for their marvelous carvings and paintings . Magadi has a rich heritage of ‘Magadi Kempegowda’. The river Cauvery flows through Kanakapura Taluk and a tributary- Arkavathi river, joins at a place called Sangam. The people take a holy dip in this place and believe that it will purify their Karma.


Ramanagara is well known for its sericulture, and is nicknamed Silk Town and Silk City . The silk produced in this region forms the input for the famous Mysore Silk. Ramanagara is the largest market for silk cocoons in Asia. 50 tonnes of cocoon a day arrive at the town. Ramanagara has extensive granite sites.

Closepet granites

The Closepet granites are a major geological feature of this region and are from the Lower Proterozoic era. This belt of rocks extends in the north-south direction in 50 km belt. This belt has younger potassic granites and is believed to separate two distinct crustal blocks of Archaean age. The block to the west has low-grade granite-greenstone belts with iron-manganese ores and to the east are younger gneisses of granitic and granodioritic composition with gold-bearing schist belts.

The British officer “Sir Barry Close”, (1756-1813) ruled in the pre-independence era, so Ramanagaras was formerly a close downtown.

Population Density and Literacy

The area has a population density of 303 inhabitants per square kilometer (780 / sq mi) of about 3,556 km (1,373 sq mi) district. Its population growth rate was 5.06% in the decade 2001-2011, with a literacy rate of 976 females per 1000 males and 69.2%.

Industrial Area 

The Bidadi Industrial Area of ​​Ramanagar District has manufacturing units of Toyota and Coca-Cola and includes a 1400 MW gas based power plant.

Tourist Places

The famous Hindi film SHOLAY has been shot around these hills and so is the name Sholay hills. The magnificent stones of the pig-gundi reserve forest in Ramanagar are very old and famous for landscape. Ramdevara Betta, Revanna Siddheswara Betta, Kangal Anjaneya Swami, Sri Brahmana Theertha Brindavan, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Maganchanbele Dam, Harobele Dam Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura, Mekedatu, Savandurga, Thippagondanahalli Reservoir, Janapada Loka are famous.

Traditional toys

Ramanagar district is famous for traditional toys and cultural activities and is the largest market in Asia.

Ramanagaram district can be reached by road from Karnataka and Karnataka State Road and Train within one hour. Nearest Airports Mysore and Bangalore International Airport are about 85 km away. Ramanagar district has modern office buildings such as Panchayat Bhavan, Kandaya Bhavan, Mini Vidana Soudha, Taluk Office, Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Sub-Deputy Offices, Police Department and District Court, Police Buildings.

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