Nagpur Street Food you Must-try it

Nagpur is a beautiful city located in the central part of India in the state of Maharashtra, it also known as the orange city, it is the winter capital and is the 3rd largest city of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune and ranks 13th in India in terms of population. It offers a great variety of Nagpur street food dishes which mostly render a mixture of spicy food. Apart from being a great tourist spot, Nagpur is widely known for its tasty collection of street food.

It has some great dishes which might not be exquisite but its taste would surely act as a difficulty for even the biggest connoisseur.

1. Samosas

This article featuring Nagpur’s street food would be null and void if samosa doesn’t top its list. Samosa is a common for throughout the country but what makes the Nagpuri samosa stand out amongst the rest is its medley of condiments used to camouflage its flavour and give out an exquisite and delightful taste. This street snack is a spicy Indian snack which has a replete of mashed potato along with green peas, finely chopped coriander and an assortment of robust Indian spices. It is served with tangy tamarind or pudina chutney.

2. Tarri Poha

Just as a trip to Kolkata would be incomplete without a plate of Rasogolla or as it is renowned in Bengal as “rosogolla”, likewise a trip to Nagpur would be incomplete without a plate of the iconic Nagpur street food i.e. Poha. Poha is a main breakfast for Nagpur, and this sumptuous is best enjoyed with pouring tarri on it. Poha is a dish made from an array of flattened rich, finely chopped onions, tomatoes, diced potatoes and curry leaves. Lemon juice is used for garnishing this fine savoury.

3. Pani Puri

This crispy and crunchy street food in Nagpur is a favourite amongst million. The moment a Pani Puri stall is located by our eyes, our stomach sends a strong signal to our brain, and our feet can be seen moving in the direction of the stall. The city serves the most angelical pani puris in the country. This snack is served by inserting mashed potatoes with salt, pepper, chilli and finely chopped onions (varies from city to city) into the puri. It is eaten by dipping these puris in either tangy tamarind water or cold pudina water.

4. Jalebi

Jalebi is a sweet delicacy which is a very popular dessert. This hot and sweet savoury is enjoyed by all alike. It is prepared by making a fermented batter which is dipped in a sugary syrup and is a sticky and spiral dessert which rules the heart of many.

5. Patodi and Kadhi

Nagpur trip is incomplete with tasting its Maharashtrian dishes like bhakar, patodi etc. There is no point in visiting Nagpur if you don’t get a taste of gourmet Maharashtrian cuisine. Patodi and kadhi is a very popular Maharashtrian Besan curry. This curry is served in spicy gravy and is eaten with roti or bhakri. It is a must try Maharashtrian dish which offers you the true taste of Nagpur with its assortment of spices.

6. Tandoori Chicken

A non – vegetarian meal is incomplete without Tandoori chicken. If you loves the taste of a miscellany of spices, then this dish in Joey’s word is your Everest! If you want to get a bite of the spiciest and juiciest Tandoori chicken, then this street food in Nagpur is perfect for you! This dish is served red hot along with an array of chutneys to choose from.

7. Santra Barfi

This dessert is orange in colour hence the name. Santra burfi is a kind of fudge and is readily available in most of the sweet shops in Nagpur. Also known as Orange barfi, it is the trademark delicacy of Haldiram. It is a creamy, tangy and oranges sweet. It’s the best pick for the sweet tooth.

8. Paan

Paan is often used to bring out the best in your meal. It is had after dessert and indulges your taste buds in a wide array of flavours and helps reciprocate the perfect taste of your food. Paan is a must try if you are visiting Nagpur. Right from regular Paan to strawberry Paan, whatever your heart desires, it is fulfilled with the street food if Nagpur.

9. Saoji Delicies

The Saoji food is also very famous food in Nagpur. Robust Indian spices mixed with paya and chicken make up this dish. This dish can be tried at various stalls, hotels or bhojnalayas in and around Nagpur.

Nagpur city also serves a disparate of ice cream to melt anyone’s heart. With pleasant weather and a great variety of street food in Nagpur, it plays host to a vast number of authority and travel enthusiasts from around the globe.

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