Gagron Fort

Situated 12 km away from the city of Jhalawar, Gagron Fort is amongst the excellent ancient forts built in Rajasthan. The present structure of this fort was built over a number of centuries with its building construction as early as the 7th century. Nonetheless, it was first established in 1195 AD by Raja Bijaldev of the Parmara Empire. As per legend, the location was also known as ‘Galkangiri’ as it is believed that the powerful sage Garg Rishi attained enormous adjustment as well as meditation in this fort.

Highlights of Gagron Fort
Fort Address:Gagron, Rajasthan 325602
Timings:August To March
Entry Fees :Free of Cost
Battles/wars:Battle of Gagron (1519) – Rana Sanga defeated Mahmud Khilji of Malwa

Gagron Fort is the only hill and water fort in Rajasthan as well as has actually been included in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The fort is surrounded from 3 sides by the serene waters of Ahu and also Kali Sindh. On the remaining side, there was once a deep moat which completed its defenses. A sight to behold, Gagron Fort is an extraordinary fort which is surrounded as well as separated by a ‘Van’ in addition to a ‘Jal Dunrg’, forest-protected and also water-protected.

Gagron Fort

The Mukundara Mountain Range serves as a backdrop, while a neighboring valley to the fort is circumscribed by woodland that echoes with screeches of peacocks and also parrots. There are temple of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Siren Durga inside the fort and also a stunning mausoleum of Sufi saint Mitheshah, which is the venue for an annual grand reasonable held during the month of Moharram.

Gagron Fort

Gagron is a region which has been blessed by the incredible courage of Khinchi emperors and also the optimum sacrifice of the lives of Royal Rajput females with the technique of ‘Jauhar’, where females compromised themselves rather than dealing with capture. This place was when the superior city in of the Malwa region, long before the popular cities like Bundi, Kota and Jhalawar were recognized as primary states on the sizable map of the nation.

Situated in Rajasthan’s Jhalawar district near Kota, Gagron Fort is one of the lesser known forts in the state dotted with lofty citadels and palaces. Yet Gagron is one of the most majestic forts in the state. It is one of the six forts of Rajasthan which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. Other forts in the list are Chittor Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranthambore Fort, Jaipur’s Amer Fort and Jaisalmer Fort.

Why Gagron fort is unique?
Gagron is a ‘Jal Durg’ or Water Fort and it is impregnable as it is surrounded from three sides by the gushing waters of Ahu and Kali Sindh rivers. The rivers confluence right outside the fort. This offers a majestic and breathtaking view of the surroundings from its ramparts.RELATED NEWS

One striking feature of this fort is that it has no real foundation as it is build over a solid rocky hillock. The fort is now inhabited by peacocks and parrots.

There are both Hindu and muslim shrines in and around the fort. It has temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga inside the fort. There is a Dargah of Sufi Saint Mitheshah fright outside the fort where a fair is held every year during the islamic month of Muharram. Near the fort there is a monastery dedicated to Saint Pipa who is a contemporary of Saint Kabir.

Where is Gagron Fort?

The Jal Durg of Gargron is situated 14 Kms from Jhalawar City. Kota is 88 Kms from Jhalawar.

Unique Architecture

Surrounded by Ahu, Kali and Sindh rivers on three sides, Gagron fort is the only hill and water fort of rajasthan. Built without foundation, this fort is one of its kind and is also called as ‘jaladurga’.

The fort has two main entrances, one leading to the waterfront, the other to the hills.

Gagron Fort holds a number of beautiful sites in its premises, including deewan-khaas, deewan-e-aam, Madhusudan mandir and Rang Mahal along with temples of Lord Shiva, Ganesh and Siren Durga.

History and the Story of Jauhar

Much like every other rajput fort in the country, the fort of Gagron also has a strong and brave history. Built by king Bijal dev in the 12th century, the fort was ruled by the Khinchi dynasty for 300 years. Achaldas was the last ruler of the khinchi clan to rule this magnificent fort.

In 1423 AD, Sultan Hoshangshah attacked the fort with his huge army of 30 thousand horsemen, 85 thousand elephants and numerous soldiers. All this signalled to nothing but a blatant defeat of king Achaldas. However, the king refused to surrender and fought till his last breath. With the demise of the king, thousands of  women from the state, embraced the glaring flames of fire and succumbed to death in order to protect their self respect.

Gagron fort, in its long history, has witnessed 14 wars and 2 jauhars in total. Its spirit stands strong even today.

How to Reach Jhalawar?

Jhalawar is connected by road and rail to Kota. Kota is well connected to major cities in country. Indore in madhya Pradesh is the nearest airport at 232 Kms.

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