Daily Routine that Helps us Keeps Healthiness and Happiness away

We all want to be healthy and happy, but unfortunately, that is not the possible, and at last, we end up seeking aimlessly to find happiness and it always seems to avoid us. We, people, are creatures of habit, and we often get stuck in a circle because we deny making necessary changes in our lives that will bring us happiness. Read below to know some of your daily routine, which are not helping you, rather they are hurting you.

Not all habits are dangerous, but sometimes we need to correct some of our really bad habits to make beautiful changes in our life because happiness can do wonders in your daily life, and it can make your whole day positive and energetic. People who stay happy the entire day are the most productive people. On the other hand, sad or unhappy people tend to perform most ineffectively. This is true in most of the cases, including housework, office work, sports activities, etc. Being happy can make so many changes in your day to day life, and it can also make all the tricky challenges seem easy. Therefore, changing some of your daily habits can really make changes in your life, which can further result in providing positive impacts connected to happiness.

Below are some routines which you need to change to make your daily life more productive and efficient.

Daily Routine that Help Us Keep Healthiness and Happiness Away

1.  We Neglect Rather than Implement: Most of us only talk instead of taking any action. We all have desire and dreams, but what we do is waste our time in dreaming and not converting the words into actions. We tend to delay our tasks and think that we have plenty of time to fulfill them later. You may think that you have plenty of time, but in real, you would never know when the time has passed. And one day you wake up and realize that you have wasted your entire life in just planning and dreaming. This is the most common habit in people, where they only plan but don’t take action to turn it into reality. Happiness requires performance and effort, even it seems difficult or next to impossible, but in the end, nothing is impossible.

2. Staying Indoors: Life is fast paced nowadays no doubt, but you’ll realize that majority of your time you’re spending indoors. The most common mistake we do is that we stay indoors when it is beautifully perfect outside. Staying indoors can damage your health in so many ways. Staying inside can make your body go lazy and dull, and our body is also in need of fresh air and warming sunlight to make it feel alive. So, get out, take a walk under the beautiful blue sky and make yourself refreshed and lively.

3. We Watch Too Much Television: We Watch too much of reality shows, and also we compare our authentic life to their scripted life. We get entertained by other people’s problems and dramas. We watch them have fun, get drunk, get into fishy fights. And, we lose ourselves in someone else’s version of the truth. So, control on your habit and cut down on your television watching hours. Even if you are watching the shows, watch them for fun instead of comparing your lives with their unreal lives.

4. Seeing Only the Negative Aspects: Whenever a person is stuck in a difficult situation, she/he only sees its negative perspectives, and dwelling on the negative aspects is what makes her/him unhappy. Instead of regretting the situation, you should accept that the situation will have its downsides and upsides. So, stop being negative and start focusing on being constructive.

5. Getting Stuck in the Future and Past: Again the most common mistake what we make is we constantly keep thinking about tomorrow and how it is going to be a different than today. We forget that the only existence is in the present time. We sometimes also get stuck in the past by reliving old unpleasant memories. Also, spending most of your time thinking about the future and how things could go wrong in a relationship or at work or with your health can really create self-doubt, which can further turn into terrifying nightmares playing over and over in your mind. So, don’t waste your present in thinking about your future or past as by doing this you are missing out on a lot of incredible experiences.

6. Comparing Your Life to Others: Our very daily habit is to compare our life with other people’s lives. You compare your job, dressing style, house, car, relationships, and so on. And at the end of the day, you pound on your self-esteem and create a lot of negative feelings, which further leads to unhappiness. Don’t compare yourself to others as your competition is not other people, your competition is your procrastination. The knowledge you neglect, the unhealthy food you consume, the negative behavior you are adapting, and your lack of creativity, compete against that.

7. Learn to Say “NO”: Don’t always say yes, where you can say no. Many people struggle with saying “no”. If someone asks you for a commitment or a favor, you may think obligated to say yes. Remember, you can’t be all things to all characters. Know your goals and priorities and then say no to everything else. Sure, some people might get unhappy. But would you rather exist according to the consent of others or aligned with your dreams and truth.

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