Vihar Lake

Vihar Lake is the largest lake in Mumbai. It is located within Sanjay Gandhi National Park near Vihar village on the Mithi River. The lake was built from 1856 to 1860 by the British government to overcome the drinking water woes of the people of southern Mumbai. It gets its water from The Powai-Kanheri hill ranges in the catchment area.

 For this purpose, three earthen embankment dams with a masonry spillway section were constructed to create a reservoir of 9200 million gallons capacity at the full reservoir level of 80.42 meters. The lake has a maximum water depth of 34 m and a minimum of 12 m.

Vihar Lake, Mumbai has been the tourist attraction for many years. The lakes besides this lake are also attractive and people tend to visit this trio every time. Earlier; people were allowed free access to the Vihar Lake. However, since 1995, the access has been curtailed to quite an extent. You can catch a glimpse of the Vihar Lake in many Bollywood movies, for which it is one of the most popular shooting locations. The lake is visited, in large numbers, by the local people as well as the tourists coming to the Mumbai city. It has become a very famous venue for picnics, because of its beautiful surroundings.

The popular Juhu beach of Mumbai is one of the most famous tourist spot, encompassed by the majestic Arabian Sea in the Western part and is home to many renowned Bollywood celebrities. The semi circle natural bay along the coast, Marine Drive can be considered as one of the favorite hotspot amongst all the tourists who visit Vihar Lake. Best known for the architectural embellishments, Flora fountain is a beautiful blend of crystal clear water, intricate carvings and its formation of Goddess Flora of the Roman mythology. Formerly built by the citizens of Mumbai to celebrate the sojourn of the then Prince of Wales,near the Gateway Of India- The Prince Of Wales Museum is encircled by the serried rows of Palm and beds of flowers and is a huge galore of Archaeology, Art and Natural History followed by the remnants of Indus Valley Civilisation and sundry besides being one of must visit places. Devoted to Lord Ganesh, the richest temple of Mumbai- Siddhivinayaka Temple clocks its origin back to the year 1801 and is one of the primal places to see besides the hanging Gardens, Iskon temple, Haji Ali Dargah, Walkeshwar Temple, Mumbai Zoo and many others.

Today, the lake meets about 3% of Mumbai’s drinking water needs and has evolved into one of the most alluring picnic spots in Mumbai. The scenic beauty of the lake makes it a great spot to hang out with friends and family and enjoy some Kodak moments with a picture-perfect backdrop. In the evenings, eateries, restaurants, and cafes around the lake serve piping hot food taking every visitor to the lake on a food tour.

How to Reach Vihar Lake
From Mumbai Airport-

Vihar Lake is just about 16 km from Vihar Lake and the fastest and most convenient way to cover the distance is by a cab/taxi. It takes close to an hour to travel from Mumbai Airport to Vihar Lake during the peak hours.

Best Time to Visit Vihar Lake

Vihar Lake can be visited all round the year. However, to enjoy the beauty of the lake in its full glory, visit the lake during the monsoon months from July to September.

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