Arambol Beach

The newest beach developed in Goa, Arambol Beach is a part of a fisherman’s village, and attracts a number of tourists across the year. Arambol Beach is considered to be the most beautiful beaches in Goa, and borders the Mandrem Beach and Keri Beach on two sides.

One of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa, Arambol or Harmal Beach is a must-see on your holiday in the state. The beach has a distinct Bohmenian and laid-back vibe, probably because it was once a popular hippie beach in Goa. Arambol a silvery sand beach that also has rocks making it look quite stunning. It is also one of the greenest beaches in Goa.

Arambol Beach is a perfect place for taking Yoga classes. The beach also has a drum circle; a weekend beachside market; and a mystical baba sitting on top of a hillock. One can enjoy adventure sports like paragliding in Arambol or simply stroll about the market lanes. At one end of the beach is a sweet water Paliem Lake, which is a must-see attraction at Arambol. Another not to miss place is the The Banyan Tree, where the members of the popular band, The Beatles once meditated.

The beach is also known for its festivals like Arambol Festival or Freak Festival in February; Arambol World Music Festival and The Tantra Festival in January.

Arambol beach, situted 50kms from Panaji is a unique beach in North goa which is much sought after. It is both a rocky and a sandy beach and has a sweet pond right on the shore. It is also known to be the northemost beach of Goa and is good for swimming.

Beautiful and serene, Arambol Beach is among the best beaches of North Goa and is relatively unexploited by tourist activities. Considered to be one of the most spectacular beaches in Goa, Arambol beach has a distinct Bohemian feel to it, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

It is among the northernmost beaches in Goa and is bordered by Keri or Querim beach on one end and Morjim on the other. Arambol Beach is a rocky cum sandy beach blessed with jungles on one end and the sea on the other. 

Be it wellness pursuits at a Yoga class on the beach, a drum circle and a weekend beachside market at sunset, a mystical baba on top of a hillock, jumping off a cliff to paraglide or simply strolling about the kitschy market lanes; there is something for every soul in Arambol.

How to Reach Arambol Beach 

Arambol Beach is located at a distance of 50 kilometres from Panaji and about 30 kilometres from Anjuna Beach. Most popular options of transportation are a scooter and motorcycles that can be rented from almost every guest house. You can also find a taxi off the main street or through a travel agency. On reaching the destination, exploration on foot is the best option. You can even take a stroll across the Arambol Beach and reach Kalacha Beach within no time.

Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach 

The best time to visit the Arambol beach is between November and March. It is also during this time that the beach receives the maximum number of international tourist as the weather is enjoyable.

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