Tirathgarh Waterfalls

Tirathgarh (तीरथगढ) is town in Jagdalpur tahsil in Bastar district in Madhya Pradesh. It is known for Tirathgarh Waterfalls. Tirathgarh also contains some temples and relics. Tirathgarh Waterfalls: Tirathgarh, 32 Km from Jagdalpur is famous for this waterfall that drops into Mugabahar river. On descending down the steps you can get a grand view of the falling sheets of water that falls from a height of 50 metres. There is also an old Shiva -Parvati temple at the site. You can go up the watchtower to enjoy the panoramic view of the waterfalls and surrounding forests.b Waterfalls abound and range from zig-zag trickles to roaring falls. Smaller waterfalls include Kanger Dhara near Kutumsar, Mandra, Chitradhara, Tamada and Dhoomar.

Situated 35 kilometers from Jagdalpur, this stunning waterfall attracts tourists’ attention. The tourists are so lost in the fascinating shade that they do not feel like going back from here. Located on the river Munga bahar, this waterfall falls on the 300 feet below the stilted hillside of natural structures, the natural fountain of milk foam and water droplets made from the fall of the water soothe the tourists. Thousands of years ago, the cliffs of downstream down the river were struck down by a lunar crater with an earthquake, and the staircase made by it, Numa Valley created this panoramic waterfall

About Tirathgarh Waterfall

Situated on Mugabahar stream this cascade is inside Kanger valley Ghat. At a separation of 38 KM from Jagdalpur this cascade is found near Kutumsar Cave. Investigate the rough magnificence of the elevated mountains romancing the gleaming cascades, where water dives many feet in vast volume, framing a breathtaking picturesque greatness. Visitors can come to visit this place from all over the world with their friends and family members. So, you can visit, explore and experience more.

The rage and magnificence of these smooth cascades is best observed when in full motion, soon after the extensive rainstorm when it accomplishes its full 160 meters width and falls 100 mtrs where it counts on the holding up Mugabahar waterway. The Tirathgarh falls charms the guests with its unblemished excellence. Tirathgarh is around 38km from Jagdalpur. The Tirathgarh Falls is a square sort cascade on the Kanger River. The water dives 91 meters (299 ft) in a solitary drop.

Surrounded by greenery, the Tirathgarh waterfall is located inside the Kanger Valley National Park. Visiting this place has its own benefit, one you visit the national parks in India and second, you get to see the beauty of the nature and the awesomeness of the waterfall. As you enter the park, the silent atmosphere and the roaring sound of the waterfall gives you an immense satisfaction of the nature.

The waterfall has its originator at a very less distance from the fall. A lake is considered to be the origin. The water flows down the lake in a traversed way passing through many streams. At last, the huge water formation comes down in the form of a white milky liquid storm, falling on the river Mugabahar. The waterfall is believed to have a height of 100 feet, which is a whopping height for a spectacular view of the speed and formation of the fall.

The Tirathgarh waterfall has its own versions, during summer and monsoons. As we all know, the waterfalls are amazing during monsoons, similar is the case with Tirathgarh. The waterfall looks like a single stream of water coming down a height of 100 feet. Nothing else can be seen during the monsoon season except the heavy fall of the water.  During the summers, the rocky cliffs and the steps can be seen; the water gushing through these rocks, forming a milky fall on the rocks can be viewed.
Tirathgarh Falls is located at a distance of close to 10 km from the entry gate of Kanger Valley National Park. This is a block waterfall cascading through several layers of blocks from a height of close to 300 feet. There is a pool at the bottom of the fall which provides good opportunity to enjoy a fine dip in these waters. The total number of drops is three and the last drop creates a small fishpond which mostly caters to the gratification of children. Since the waterfall lies within the national park, rhesus monkeys are frequent visitors here and create a lot of hullabaloo among the visitors. 

Best Time To Visit Teerathgarh Falls

Even though the temperature rises above the mean level during the summer season in the region of Teerathgarh Falls, it is still visited by hundreds of tourists due to the presence of lush greenery and soothing environment, which in turn helps in maintaining the overall climate of its calm and peaceful atmosphere. However, if you are looking to attend the superlative beauty of its surroundings, then the best time to visit is from October until the end of March and if you desire to enjoy the waters of Teerathgarh Falls, then it is advisable to visit this beauty during the summers only.

How to Reach:

By Air

Bastar has its own Airport which is operated by State Government under UDAN Scheme . At present the AIRODISHA has operating flights from Jagdalpur to Raipur and Jagdalpur to Vishakapatnam. The nearest airport accessible is in Raipur, approximately 300 km away from Bastar. Many Airplane operators operate regular flights from here connecting it to all the major cities. Prepaid taxis are easily available from the Raipur Airport to Jagdalpur.

By Train

Jagdalpur a district headquarter of Bastar district is well connected to the Vishakapatnam and Raipur by railways. Jagdalpur railway station is operated by East Coast Railway. This Railway line is the primary source of iron ore transport from NMDC bacheli to Vishapakatnam. At present Vishakapatnam -Kirandul Passenger (58501), Durg -Jagdalpur Express (18211), Hawrah-Koraput Express (18005), Hirakhand Express (18448) and Vishakapatnam-Jagdalpur(Night Express) are operational from Jagdalpur.

By Road

Regular bus services, whether express or sleeper based, ply to and fro the city of Jagdalpur (Bastar). They operate on a daily basis, through a well-connected network of national highways such as NH 30 . The other state bus transporters also operates such as TSRTC (Jagdalpur-Hyderabad), APRTC(Jagdalpur -Vishakapatnam,Vijayawada,Rajmundry),OSRTC etc.

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