Talao Pali Lake

Talao Pali or Masunda Lake is one of the most popular hangout spots in Mumbai offering a lot of exciting activities and food to the locals and the tourists. Talao Pali derives its name from two words- Talao and Pali both meaning water bodies. It is not only considered as one of the most beautiful lakes in Maharashtra but also one of the most popular spots for a small picnic or a casual stroll in Mumbai. Several fauna varieties around it dot this lake along with plenty of birds that visit this lake, especially in the evenings. This place not only serves the tourists with several activities but also allows tourists to find solace in the arms of nature, away from the crowd and pollution of the city.

Having the utmost peaceful and beautiful environment in Thane, Talao Pali offers the tourists the beauty of nature at free of cost. The rides are also available at a nominal price, making it a common hangout spot for the teenagers. Starting from bird watching, enjoying some delicious food to having an adventurous water scooter ride, Talao Pali offers it all and no wonder it is one of the favourite tourist spots in Maharashtra. There are several small food joints located near Talao Pali serving local lip-smacking snacks like Vada Pao, Missal Pao and Bhel Puri.

Attractions at Talao Pali 

The main attractions of Talao Pali are its boating and water scooter services which are available at a very nominal rate. Both the boat and water scooter services take the tourists around the entire lake. Both the services remain open from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM and charges for the rides vary from season to season.

Around the lake, there are several horse carriages which show tourists around the entire place. Horse carriage rides are one of the most famous attractions of Talao Pali, especially among the children. Apart from the rides, this place also has one of the oldest temples of Maharashtra known as the Kopineshwar temple which was renovated and dedicated to Lord Shiva by Chimaji Appa.

How To Reach Talao Pali 

Talao Pali is located at a distance of a few meters from Thane Junction in Ganeshwadi, Ghantali Shivaji Pathin West Thane. Tourists can go walking from Thane station. One can also reach the spot from Mumbai via road, which is around 21 kms and takes a maximum of 1 hour. Tourists living in Thane can also take a bus to the Thane bus stop and walk to the spot.

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