Stay home, stay safe; 11 things you can do to make staying at home

The novel coronavirus has now infected more than 4,80,000 people across the globe. Over 600 confirmed cases have been registered in India. The World Health Organistaion (WHO) has recommended following social distancing strictly to curtail the spread of the virus. Many countries are under lockdown, and have urged their people to stay at home as it is the only prevention from contracting COVID-19. Don’t worry, staying home can be fun too. Here are things you can do to make optimum use of this time.

Stay home and meditate

Stay home and chat with friends.

Stay home and read a book.

Stay home and learn online.

Stay home and workout.

Stay home and listen to music. 

Stay home and cook healthy food.

Stay home and enjoy gardening

Stay home and watch movies

Stay home and take a relaxing bath

Stay home and do laundry

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