Sardar Samand Lake

Near to the city of Jodhpur is the Sardar Samand Lake. The lake lays 60-kms south-east of Jodhpur off the Jodhpur – Pali route. The scenery of this lake is fascinating. Sardar Samand Lake attracts countless varieties of migratory birds. So, if you are a bird watcher, this is the place to be. Also enchanted by its placid waters are tourists who come to enjoy peace and solitude of the place.

Nestled on the bank of Sardar Samand Lake, Sardar Samand Lake Palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1933 as a hunting lodge. Even after so many years of its establishment, Sardar Samand Palace remains the favorite haunt of royal families and luxury travelers as it is now converted into a hotel. The resort features a fine collection of original water watercolor paintings and African trophies. It also has a lush manicured garden; exquisite boat house; swimming pool; tennis court; squash courts and above all this, a grand Sardar Samand Lake that attracts several migratory and local birds such as the yellow-legged green pigeon, Himalayan griffon, and Dalmatian pelican. So if travelers have an intriguing love for history and are fascinated by the idea of staying in a luxury hotel on their trip to Rajasthan, then a stopover at the Sardar Samand Lake Palace can prove to be a refreshing break.

At a distance of 52 km from Jodhpur, Sardar Samand Lake is an artificial lake situated on Jodhpur – Pali road in Rajasthan. It is one of the major picnic places to visit as part of Jodhpur trip.

This artificial lake as well as the route to the lake is a virtual treat to nature lovers and photographers. The lake attracts several migratory and local birds such as the yellow-legged green pigeon, Himalayan griffon, and Dalmatian pelican, making it a bird watcher’s paradise. On the way to the lake, there is a wildlife area, where one can spot animals like Blackbuck, Neelgai, and Chinkara.

The summer palace of Maharaja Umaid Singh, Sardar Samand Palace stands on a hill overlooking the Sardar Samand Lake, among the best places to visit near Jodhpur. The palace is a magnificent Art Deco hunting lodge that was built in 1933. It remains the Royal Family’s favorite retreat and houses a vast collection of African trophies and original watercolors by Snaffles. The walls of the palace were elaborately carved with vibrantly colored miniature paintings, vividly executed murals, and customary motifs. It has now been converted into a luxury hotel, Sardar Samand Lake Resort, managed by the Welcome Heritage Group of Hotels. The Bishnoi villages, a picturesque settlement of the Bishnoi tribal community is also on the way to Sardar Samand Lake.

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