Salim Ali Lake

Salim Ali Lake is the biggest lake situated in the heart of the Aurangabad city but due to discharge of domestic waste water into the lake silt deposition took place thereby reducing its depth. It also resulted in degradation of water quality thus in turn adversely affected the health of people living in surrounding locality.

Eco needs approached the divisional commissioner of Marathwada region and also the municipal commissioner of Aurangabad and regularly carried out meetings along with government authority and finally the divisional commissioner Mr. Dilip Bund forwarded the problem and proposal towards the government of Maharashtra state
Ultimately the problem was acknowledged and approved by the state goverment.

The funds were received by municipal corporation Aurangabad and distillation activity of 16 Acres area of Salim Ali Lake has been carried out in the supervision of eco needs foundation.

Located in the heart of Aurangabad, standing opposite the Himayat Bagh near Delhi Gate, is the pristine Salim Ali Lake. Also known as the Salim Ali Sarovar, this lake is a beautiful bird-watching spot, nesting a wide variety and number of migratory birds. There is also a well-stocked bird sanctuary at the lake which is a humble abode to a number of local and foreign exotic species of birds. Salim Ali Lake is an ideal place to be visited with family and friends. It is a must-visit for photographers, nature lovers and bird watchers.

The lake has been named after a renowned Ornithologist. There is a 60 feet watchtower at the lake which is a perfect spot to click pictures and revel in the panoramic view of the entire city. The best time to visit Salim Ali Lake would be during dawn when one gets to hear the chirping sounds of the birds in addition to watching the sunrise. Even though the lake lies in the middle of the city, its beauty is not shadowed and the city dwellers are often found relaxing away from their weary and mundane lifestyle.

Mughal Era:
In Aurangzeb’s time, a large marsh or tank extended the whole length of the northern wall, but the exhalation and dampness proved unhealthy and Aurangzeb ordered the portion immediately in front of his palace (Kila-e-Ark) to be filled in and converted into fields. This reclaimed portion was later developed into Mughal garden, (now known as Himayat Bagh) by one of the officials of Aurangzeb’s court, with many fruit bearing trees of different varieties for the royal court and its officials. The remainder was known as the Khizri talao which is just beyond the Delhi gate. The other small tank was the Kanval or Loti talao, (near present day Aam Khas grounds between Kila-e-Ark and Begumpura) was fed by a spring and was confined in the hollow between the palace of Aurangzeb and the Mecca gate, but the band was purposely destroyed to save the city from being flooded.

Present Period:
Salim Ali Talab as it is known in the present times also contains a small bird Sanctuary and a garden maintained by the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation. Boating facilities is also available when the lake is full during the rainy & winter seasons. Recently it was dredged for silt to increase its water holding capacity.


During the rule of Aurangzeb, there was a large mesh of land that extended to Begumpura but was a little damp. As it creates an untealthy atmospheres therefor Aurangzeb orederd to convert the mesh into fields. Later on, the filed was converted into a beautiful Mugal garden or Himayat Bagh. The garden consists of plantations of different friut tress that make the garden loveliest. There was also a small tank which no longer exists as it was destructed to prevent the city from the adverse situations of flood.

Salim ali was knows as the “Birdman of India”. He was the first to conduct the different surveys related to brids and also develop ornithology in India. He is among the second person to receive the highest award of Padma vibhushan in the year 1976. It was because of his active support that the governement realized that ornithology can be developed in India. His support lead to the construction of Bharatpur brid sanctuary also.

How to Reach

Reaching Salim Ali lake is very simple as the distance from Aurangabad railway station to Salim Ali Lake’s just 6 kilometers. One can take the help of taxix which are available at cheap prices. MSRTC bus service is also availabe to the different routes therefore you can use this service to reach the location. Rickshawa are also a source of transport in Aurangabad therefor you can use the as well.

Best Time to Visit

To visit Salim Ali Lake, October to January is the finest time to visit the place. The climate around these months is a bit cool with a few showers of rain too. Thus if you are planning your trip, do consider this aspect in mind so that you can enjoy fully.

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