Khindsi, the picturesque and large lake surrounded by verdant forests on all sides is located about 3.5kms from Ramtek and 53 kms from Nagpur. It has been the favourite tourist destination of Vidarbhites for several years. Tourist can enjoy boating in Khindsi lake in motorboats, pedal boats, rowing boats, water scooters etc. Nearby the lake, there is an adventure park for the children. For the adventure seekers, jungle trekking is also available.

The city of Nagpur is home to make lakes. One name on this list of lakes is Khindsi Lake which is situated about 40 kilometers from the city center. It can be counted as one of the most popular tourist places in Nagpur as all facilities – right from accommodation to a resort, from restaurants to an amusement park, and other attractions are made available for tourists.

Moreover, the boasting center here is the largest one not just in Nagpur but in the whole of central India. Khidsi lake attracts a maximum crowd during summer months.

Flowing near the beautiful city of Ramtek, Khindsi lake is situated in Nagpur district of Maharashtra and is one of gateways to nature sightseeing for the huge space on which it sprawls over. Peddle boating, waterballs and motor-boating are some of the primal things to do when in Khindsi.


This place has the scenic beauty, so the tourist who is the lover of the scenic comes from the different part to relax in the lapse of the nature. it has wide variety of the flora and the fauna. The tourist can have this wonderful look of the crystal blue water. It is the splendid experience when tourist went to visit place. This lake is famous for the clam and the eventful weekends. The visitor who wants to have the picnic int he tranquility environment generally goes for this tourist attraction place.

Major Attraction

This lake has the center of sports entertainment like boating, water scooter, speed boat, and the aqua ball. This lake is famous for its large size. This lake has very large size the visitor get in the state of astonished when they visit this large shape. This large has the the unique feature of this lake. This lake is one of the favorite picnic spot for the tranquility environment.

How to Reach:
By Air

Nearest Airport is Nagpur

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Nagpur

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