Jait Sagar Lake

Jait Sagar, nestled in the Aravalli ranges, is a beautiful lake that was built by Jait Meena. The beauty of the lake is enhanced by the lotus flowers in full bloom on its surface. Jait Sagar is surrounded by towering walls and has four gateways that serve as entry points to the lake. It is located at a distance of less than 3 km from Bundi.

Considered as an important tourist attraction in Bundi, Jait Sagar Lake is situated amidst lush green lands. This 1.5 km long lake can act as a rejuvenating experience for all the travellers on their tour to Bundi. On the bank of the river, one can see the terrific carvings of elephants.

Bounded by captivating hills and mountains, Jait Sagar Lake can be called as one of the most enticing places to visit in Rajasthan. Flaunting its magical beauty across a total of 1.5km area, this alluring lake was commissioned by JaitaMeena and lies adjacent to the magnificent Taragarh Hills.

Located only 2km from Bundi, Jait Sagar Lake has the much acclaimed Sukh Mahal standing on its banks. Adding more to the beauty and appeal of this reservoir, the ambience around it makes it a wonderful picnic spot among the visitors to Bundi.

Jait Sagar Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bundi. This 1.5 km long lake is encircled by hills and is sprinkled with lotus during monsoon and winter months. On the bank of the river, one can see the terrific carvings of elephants.

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