Glow Lake

There are numerous water bodies in Kamlang Sanctuary, and the most pristine amongst them is Glow Lake. 20 kilometers from Wakro, Glow Lake covers an area of 8 square kilometers and with a circumference of about 4–5 kilometers. The lake is accessible only by trekking. Apart from Glow Lake, you can also visit the “Parshuram Kund,” located nearby. Rough and poor trekking route to the lake demoralise the visitors though the lake is one of the most beautiful and enchanting destination for the people who seeks heavenly experience and far from madding crowd. Lone foot suspension bridge connecting Wakro to Glow Lake is on the verge of collapse which needs immediate attention from the administration side as well as State Govt. Proper foot track needs to be maintained for tourist and visitors. Glow Lake is spread over an area of 8 sq km, located in Wakro circle. It is a marvelous place with rich flora and fauna. Snow clad mountains add to the scenic beauty of the place. It is an ideal place for the adventure enthusiast. The route to the lake is up and down hills.

Getting There

Glow Lake is a part of the Kamlang Sanctuary, which can be approached only by trekking

Things to Do & See in and around

Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary is exactly where the Glow Lake is located. So on a tour, do explore Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary to see the wealth of wildlife like elephant, leopard cat, wild boar, civet, deer, giant squirrel and flying squirrel.

Best time to visit

The best time to plan a visit to the Glow Lake will be from October to April as this is when the weather is just perfect to take part in adventure activities.

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