Chitrakot Waterfall

Chitrakot Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall situated on the river Indravati in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh state of India. The height of this waterfall is 90 feet. The specialty of this waterfall is that during the rainy days, this water is reddish, it looks absolutely white during the summer moonlight night. The  waterfall is located at a distance of 40 km from Jagdalpur and 273 km from Raipur . Chitrakote waterfall  is Chhattisgarh’s largest  and most water-logged waterfall. It is considered as the main waterfall of Bastar division. Due to being adjacent to Jagdalpur, it has also gained fame as a major picnic spot. Due to the similar  shape of horse feet , this fall  is also called Niagara of India. Chitrakoot waterfall is very beautiful and the tourists like it very much. A large water body falling in the middle of the strong trees and Vindhya ranges, which falls from this water fall, attracts tourists’ attention.

The famous Chitrakot falls ,”Niagra of India” is visible in every season, but seeing it in the rainy season is a more exciting experience. The roar of huge water from the height of the rain creates thrills and shudder.The beauty of these springs in the rainy season is very high. During the July-October period, it is appropriate for visitors to come here. Dense forest surrounds the picturesque waterfalls. , Which further enhances its natural beauty. This place has been enlightened with full illumination in the river. The beauty of the falling water from the waterfall can be seen with the tourist light. At least three and a maximum of seven streams fall from this waterfall on different occasions.

Attraction of Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot waterfall is the largest waterfall in India. And the nature of the falls varies season by season. If you want to enjoy the wildest forms of the Chitrakoot waterfall then monsoon (July to September) is the best time, when it spreads up to 150 m in wide of brown coloured water. Sunlight makes rainbows here and there after reflecting with the water grains. At the time of sunset, when sunlight drop on the water of Chitrakoot falls – it makes a magnificent environment to see. During summer and winter, it forms a white fall and you can reach towards the falls by boat.

Not only waterfall, Chitrakoot is also popular due to the Hindu legendary Lord Ram. There has many Hindu spiritual temples and pilgrimage place. And also various Hindu festivals like, Makar Sankranti, Ramnaamvi and Somvati Amavasya are celebrated here with a complete spiritual system.

Accommodation at Chitrakote

Dandami Luxury Resort-Cottages is a government run hotel at the top of Chitrakote waterfall. It is very luxurious and very serene. The waterfall is situated just after few steps from the adjoining hotel garden. The hotel has 16 double bed cottage (Air Conditioned) and 13 luxury tents with all modern facilities. Restaurant facilities are also very good. Most of the room has a balcony towards the fall. A double bedded room fare is INR Rs. 2,000 per night and INR Rs. 500 for an extra bed charge. For book a room at Dandami Luxury Resort-Cottages, contact Chhattisgarh Tourism Call Centre on 0771-4066415.

Well, in case you’ve been dreaming about visiting the Niagara Falls,this piece of information might save your travel expenses all the way to Ontario–India has one of its own. Hailed as the Niagara Falls of India, Chitrakot Waterfalls in Chhattisgarh is located to the west of Jagdalpur in Bastar district.

The Indravati river, originating in Kalahandi region of Odisha, falls from a height of 29m to form this waterfall. Chitrakot is about 100 feet high and about 1000 feet wide, making it the widest waterfall of India. The waterfall is also compared to the Niagara Falls owing to its horseshoe shape.

The amount of water discharged per second by Chitrakot is around 20 lakh litres. It is said that the pressure of falling water is equivalent to the weight of 500 elephants.

Best Time To Visit Chitrakoot Waterfalls

The monsoon, months of July to September, is the best time to visit the glorious Chitrakoot Waterfalls. Sometimes, right after a rain, you can even witness a beautiful rainbow running across the misty sky, making the visit completely worth it! Winter months of November to January can also be a great time to visit the falls if you want an absolutely hassle-free visit. The weather will be cool and pleasant during this season.

How to Reach:

By Air

Bastar has its own Airport which is operated by State Government under UDAN Scheme . At present the AIRODISHA has operating flights from Jagdalpur to Raipur and Jagdalpur to Vishakapatnam. The nearest airport accessible is in Raipur, approximately 300 km away from Bastar. Many Airplane operators operate regular flights from here connecting it to all the major cities. Prepaid taxis are easily available from the Raipur Airport to Jagdalpur.

By Train

Jagdalpur a district headquarter of Bastar district is well connected to the Vishakapatnam and Raipur by railways. Jagdalpur railway station is operated by East Coast Railway. This Railway line is the primary source of iron ore transport from NMDC bacheli to Vishapakatnam. At present Vishakapatnam -Kirandul Passenger (58501), Durg -Jagdalpur Express (18211), Hawrah-Koraput Express (18005), Hirakhand Express (18448) and Vishakapatnam-Jagdalpur(Night Express) are operational from Jagdalpur.

By Road

Regular bus services, whether express or sleeper based, ply to and fro the city of Jagdalpur (Bastar). They operate on a daily basis, through a well-connected network of national highways such as NH 30 . The other state bus transporters also operates such as TSRTC (Jagdalpur-Hyderabad), APRTC(Jagdalpur -Vishakapatnam,Vijayawada,Rajmundry),OSRTC etc.

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