Butterfly Beach

A little to the south of Palolem in Cancona region of Goa lies the Butterfly Beach. This beach, also known as Honeymoon Beach, is in the form of a small cove surrounded by dense trees. One of the most secluded and lesser-known beach of Goa, the butterfly beach is mostly accessible by a boat (ferry) ride from the nearby beaches, which only adds to the charm.

Vehicles do not lead directly to Butterfly Beach and reaching here through land involves a challenging forest hike. However, this also makes for a wonderful opportunity to go trekking through a forest! Interestingly, Butterfly Beach is so named as the surrounding trees attract a wide variety of butterflies occasionally. It may also be because the beach itself is in the shape of a butterfly! Either way, it is just as pretty as one, especially during sunsets. 

Enclosed by a thick forest on one side and leading to the open sea on the other, the beach has a unique and picturesque landscape. Butterfly Beach is also one of the few places in Goa to sight the playful dolphins. Avoid visiting the beach during the monsoon as the boat rides are mostly unavailable during heavy rainfall.

At a distance of 69 km from Panaji Kadamba Bus stand, 36 km from Margao Railway Station and 3 km from Canacona Railway Station, Butterfly Beach is located on the Butterfly Island in South Goa.

Butterfly Beach is a tiny beach cove that lies just 6 km north of Palolem beach. The sands here are perfectly white and the water translucent. Butterfly Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches among all the beaches of Goa. It is serene, peaceful and mesmerizing. This beach would be the best place to unwind and relax.

The Butterfly Beach is surrounded by a lot of rocks. Butterfly beach can easily be described as a piece of heaven on earth. It is one of the most photogenic beach paradises in the world. The Butterfly Beach was named by earlier tourists who used to visit the place and saw millions of butterflies flying on the blossoms on the hillside.

The main attraction of the beach is its famous Dolphin Play and the mesmerizing sunset. The sea urchins, sea cucumbers, footprints of crabs and goldfishes are equally eye catching. The Canoe rides along the tiny water streams on the island provide a thrilling ride. But you can also see an amazing view of one of the most beautiful sunset view, you could have ever seen in your life.

There is no access to the beach by road since the area is heavily forested. One can take a 2 hour trek through the forest. Vehicles, not even bikes can make the trip through the forest since the road takes one through brooks, steep climbs, fields and forested areas. If you wish to reach Butterfly beach, you may hire a cab or take a bus up to the Palolem beach. From the Palolem beach, you would need to take a short boat ride to the Butterfly Island.

Butterfly Beach is small and crowded beach of Goa. You won’t find shacks, shops or any other tourist facility on this beach.

How to Reach Butterfly Beach 

How to reach Butterfly Beach by boat:
The beach cannot be accessed by buses, cars or bikes as it is surrounded by a dense forest. You can reach Butterfly beach by boat from Palolem or Agonda beaches. A boat ride costs around INR 1000-1200 (to and fro). You must keep in mind that during monsoon season boating to Butterfly beach is not possible.

How to reach Butterfly Beach by Road: 
If you take a taxi or auto from Agonda, first drive onto the Agonda beach road. On this road, 0.8 Km from Tina beach resort, a walking trail leads to the Butterfly beach. If you are travelling from Palolem to Agonda beach road, the starting point of the trek is 1.5 Km after passing Leapord valley club. Beyond this point, vehicles cannot pass. The trekking route from here is approximately 2 km long and is said to take 1.5 hours to cover the distance. Markings along the trekking route safely lead you through the jungle to the beach. It will also be helpful to have a GPS to navigate through.

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