Belasagar Lake

The lake of Belasagar nestles in Belatal village of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, which is just at a distance of 10 km towards the south of Kulpahar. The lake also serves as the water supply to the village and the people living in a vicinity to this lake called it as Bela Taal. This lake of Belasagar was constructed by Raja Parikshit of Jaitpur in the loving memory of his wife Bela in the final decade of 19th century and is sprawled over an area of 8 sq km. the lake of Belasagar is bordered with Kulpahar-Nowgong road on one side and Jaitur-Srinagar road on other. The people living in the Kulpahar region are totally dependent on the lake as the source of drinking water as well as irrigation process. On the embankment of the lake, the relics of forts of Raja Jagatraj and Raja Parikshit are found here on the hillock.

The Belasagar Lake is a large lake located in the village of Belatal in Uttar Pradesh along the Kulpahar-Nowgong road. This lake serves as a source of irrigation in this part of the state and was built by Raja Parikshit in the loving memory of Bela, his wife.

It is a beautiful lake and on the embankments of the lake lays the relics of Raja Parikshit and Raja Jagatraj and these are two places that are worth visiting. Locally the lake is known is Bela Taal and is also a major source of drinking water for the people of the Kulpahar area.


The Belasagar Lake built in the 19th century is located about 10 km from Kulpahar and is bounded by Jaitpur-Srinagar road on one side and by Kulpahar-Nowgong road on the other side. It is located in Mahoba District in Uttar Pradesh and is a perfect weekend destination. The Indian Railway connects Mahoba to all the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata etc.


The relics of forts along the embankments attract people from far and wide. It is beautiful lake and there is also the Dhonsa Mandir that you can visit. Monsoon is the best season to visit this place to witness the beautiful waterfalls. There are also jungles nearby.

How to Reach

There are taxis that connect Kulpahar and Belsagar Lake. There are also auto-rickshaws and tongas. Make sure to bargain as the rates are not fixed.


The National Highway 76 runs through the center of Kulpahar and is located between Allahabad and Jhansi. The Kulpahar Bus Station is about 10 km from Belasagar Lake. There are buses that connect to Mahoba, Rath, Orai, Delhi, Agra, Ajmer and many more cities to Kulpahar.


The nearest station is the Kulpahar station that is connected to all the major cities of the country. There are taxis, tongas and auto-rickshaws that connect the station to the lake.


The nearest airport is the Khajuraho Airport that is about 100 km from the lake. This airport is connected to Agra, Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi. The Kanpur Airport is located about 180 km from here and the Lucknow airport is located about 200 km from here.

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