5 Ideas For A Fun Weekend At Home

For most people who slog through the week in the name of adulting, the word “weekend” has the ability to ignite intense emotions of pure, unadulterated joy. I mean, after spending countless hours with your butt on the office chair, and eyes frozen on your laptop screen, it’s only when Friday (and for some unfortunate ones, Saturday) rolls around that you’re able to expel your first breath of relief after what felt like months. 

What was that? Things have changed, you say? The word work-week means little to you now? Forget having a fun Friday, you can’t even keep track of when the week begins, and ends? Well, all the more reason. A good time on the weekend is exactly the kind of break you need to recover from a tedious 5 days, and dispel that growing pile of frustration. 

But how can I have a fun weekend when I can no longer go out for a movie, a nice dinner, a night of drinking or do anything that falls under the category of fun weekend activities?! Well, let us take care of that. Here’s a round-up of 5 ways to have a fun weekend without ever leaving your house. 

1. Have A Hot Chocolate And Movie Marathon Night 

Honestly, this one is a no-brainer. Movies have the magical power to instantly transport you elsewhere. And after dealing with a host of tasks, meetings and deadlines, a momentary escape is more than welcome. Pick a genre you enjoy or are curious about, whether that’s rom-coms, murder mysteries or commercial Bollywood, switch off your brain temporarily, and binge on cinematic entertainment. 

2. Organise A Monopoly Match With Your Fam

This one comes with a disclaimer. Only go for this fun weekend idea if you’re absolutely sure that it won’t culminate in a fistfight. ‘Cause let’s face it, a game of Monopoly does not end when someone wins, it finishes when someone finally gets annoyed enough to flip over the board. And that my friend, is the fun of it. So basically, we are asking you to destress from your workweek, by laughing at your family members getting agitated trying to trade properties. Your sibling just started crying? Oh, sweet relaxation. 

3. Have A Bollywood Dance Party In Your Room

If you find anything more therapeutic than blasting Bollywood music at full volume, and dancing all around your bedroom, please loop us in. Until then, we suggest you start looking for the perfect Bollywood dance numbers playlist to sway, waltz or bhangra to. Going out to a club is so over-rated, we are bringing the party to our bedrooms now! And that too without pointless socialising…is this what heaven feels like? 

4. Enjoy An Indoor Picnic With Your Lockdown Partners

Going to the park and enjoying a lavish picnic spread is slightly difficult when you’re no longer allowed to go to parks. But fortunately, the lavish picnic spread can be repositioned to your living room. We suggest you go all out for best results, and that includes getting a chequered bedsheet, laying it on the living room, and feasting on strawberries covered in chocolate. Or a packet of Kurkure. Your indoor picnic, your rules. 

5. Host An At-Home Wine Tasting Session 

Got some wine lying around the house, but can’t help feeling guilty every time you get the intense urge to down it all in one gulp? Well, here’s a pro tip. You can still get drunk alone at home, as long as you give it a fancy rationale, like an in-house wine tasting session for one! Whip out the cheese blocks (no, you don’t need Brie, Mother Dairy will do just fine), a few crackers (yes, Britannia 50-50 works) and all the wine bottles you’ve been dying to guzzle down at home, and orchestrate your own wine-tasting session this weekend. 

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