Powai Lake

The artificial Powai Lake spread over 6.6 kms and situated in the northern suburb of the city is considered as Mumbai’s jewel. The lake is a major attraction for tourism and restoration of aquaculture and nature. Once upon a time, it was one of the major sources of water supplies for the city.

Unfortunately, the degraded quality of water has changed the scenario. Despite this, the beauty of the lake hasn’t failed a bit. Surrounded by the finest residential townships in Powai, the most elegant feature of the lake is the sight of the skyline twinkling around its periphery.

To the east of this lake is the esteemed Indian Intsitute of Technology (IIT Mumbai) which lies downstream of Vihar Lake and the Mithi River. Another major institution close to this lake is National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE). There are also various luxurious hotels and housing complexes around the periphery of the lake. When it was built in 1891, the Powai Lake was spread across 2.1 km2 and had a depth of approximately 3m at the periphery and 12m at its deepest end. For more interesting information regarding the Powai Lake, scroll further.


The area where the Powai Lake now is was originally Powai valley, which comprised of a central village and small groups of huts surrounding it. The British authorities created a lake in 1891 by building two dams across the Mithi River in an attempt to control and provide water supply to the city of Bombay (now Mumbai). The Maharashtra State Angling Association (then called Bombay Presidency Angling Association), formed in 1936, currently controls and manages the lake. A project called ‘Revitalization of Powai Lake’ (courtesy the 1980 batch of IIT Mumbai) was initiated with the aim of restoring its natural beauty using eco-friendly measures. In 1995, The National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) included Powai Lake among the ‘ten main lakes’ of the country to be revived and improved. This program was launched in April, 2002 and was implemented by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC (earlier called Bombay Municipal Corporation). As a result of this move, the condition of the lake has considerably improved.

How to Reach Powai Lake
How to Reach Powai Lake from Airport – 

Mumbai Airport is almost 6 km away from the Powai Lake. There are plenty of ways to reach Mumbai’s jewel, Powai Lake, from the airport. The quickest way to get to Powai Lake is by hailing a taxi which will take 30 minutes. Or, you can book an Uber or Ola cab and reach your destination.

If you want to explore the local whereabouts of the city, you can also take a bus from Domestic Airport Junction to Powai via Andheri Station. The journey will take approximately 55 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Powai Lake
Best Time to Visit Powai Lake – 

The best time to visit the Powai Lake is during the winters when the weather of Mumbai is cool, dry and pleasant for travelling. Usually, Mumbai’s weather is humid, so, November-February would be the most favourable time. Also, due to Mumbai rains, the lake is at its best but it can be a risky time to visit. Tourists usually avoid visiting here during monsoon i.e. from June to September. 

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