Diablab Lake

Proud owner of Badal Mahal: the summer manor of the preceding rulers on its banks, Diablab Lake is camouflaged with the sprawling pool of budding lotuses. Located within a kilometer from the district of Banswara, Diablab earned all its gloriousness for the alluring lotuses that enlivens the beauty and enhances the grandiosity. Sheathed with historical significance, Diablab Lake is one of the primal tourist attractions of Banswara in Rajasthan.

Away from the chaotic city life, this lake is taken over by absolute blithe and bliss. Besides, the constructive designs adorning the Badal Mahal awaits to woo you with its glory. The lake offers interesting boating facility to its enthusiastic visitors who wish to fathom the quintessence of the lake. The nearby temples of Hanuman and Lord Krishna have gained immense fame over the recent years for the profuse spiritual absolution it warrants you with.

Resting on the southern part of Banswara, the Dargah of Abdul Rasul is one of the must visit places amongst the Bohra Community. Perched on the dainty hill at Kushalgarh, the famed Jain Temple- Andeshwar Parshwanathji is an abode to the precious Shilalekhas of the 10th Century besides topping the list of must see places when in Dablab Lake.

If you are taking the road through Rajasthan’s Banswara district, make a detour to explore the picturesque sights of the Dialab Lake. Located just a kilometer away from the main town of Banswara, the Dialab Lake holds high historical significance in the region and is surrounded by abundant lush greenery and a play area for children. On the banks of the Dialab Lake are situated two temples, one dedicated to Lord Krishna and the other to Lord Hanuman, that you can visit. There are also arrangements for boating made at the lake where you can rent boats and paddle around.

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