Clock Tower, Dehradun

Clock Tower is a landmark and a major attractive place in Dehradun city. Also called as Ghanta Ghar locally, it is located centrally and encircled by commercial centres like GPO, Shops, six face Clock Tower with a clock in each face, this monument stands much before independence.

Clock tower, also known as “ghanta ghar” is a very famous tourist attraction. It was started in the year 1948 and got completed in 1953. The much respected Lal Bahadur Shastri inaugurated the monument. It was a renowned landmark of the city and was built by the British before India got its independence. The clock does not tick at present, but it is said that years ago when it was built, the peak of it was such that a person on the other end of the city could hear it as well.

The clock tower is situated on the Rajpur Road and is surrounded by numerous business centers. The tower has a gold plate on top of it which has all the names of the freedom fighters who fought for the independence of the country and helped it break free from the chains of British slavery.

Originally, the tower was named “Balbir tower” and was built to mark the independence of India as a sign of celebration. Sarojini Naidu, the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh, laid the base of the monument in the year 1948. It is 85m tall and has an exclusive architecture with six faces. It has been adding a lot of heritage value to the country.

A prominent landmark, Clock tower commonly known as Ghanta Ghar is an iconic building of Dehradun. Located in the heart of the Dehradun, the clock tower is encircled by commercial complexes, shops, and GPO. The clock tower was inaugurated in 1953 by Lal Bahadur Shastri, take a closer look at Clocktower and one can see the names of freedom fighters engraved in gold plaque all over its surface. It has a unique hexagonal architecture lending it heritage value.

History of the Clock Tower:

The Clock Tower was originally named the “Balbir Tower” and this tower was built to commemorate the independence of India and the foundation stone was laid by Sarojini Naidu, then Governor of Uttar Pradesh and was completed in the year 1953 and was inaugurated by Lal Bahadur Shahstri. The tower is 85m long and there is a gold plate on it with the names of the freedom fighters etched on it.


The design of Clock Tower is inspired by the rare-Greco styled architecture. Clock Tower’s unique hexagonal shape gives it’s a distinguished feature. The tower is 85 metres long. There is a gold plate on which the names of several freedom fighters are written.

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