Board MLM Plan :

  1. MLM Board Plan is called because a group of members works in a team (Board) and whenever a board consists a set number of members, the Board splits into two sub-trees.
  2. The top one member promoted into next higher board.
  3. In MLM terminology the company can set how much promotional board to be introduced and how many members can be in a Board.

MLM Software India also provide the Customized MLM Board Plan Software in which we will set parameters and logics according to current MLM business.

  1. Cross Matrix
  2. Unlimited Income Board Plan
  3. Recycle entry in Board
  4. Auto promotion to higher level
  5. Auto spliting of MLM Board
  6. Qualified Board Report
  7. Search Boards according to member

Features of MLM Board Plan

  1. Integration of Unlimited Board Income
  2. Auto splitting of boards
  3. Recycling entry system into the board
  4. Cross matrix
  5. Auto promotion to higher board
  6. Qualified board list report
  7. Find affiliates board


Refferal Bonus:
  1. The Referral Bonus or Commision is in fact Calculated taking into account the number of sales and as if all the plans this MLM plan even provides a commission to the users for all sponsoring or referrals.
Matching Bonus:
  1. Bonus recived for the downline members will be straight forwardly advantages to their corresponding sponsers.
Level Commission:
  1. In Board MLM plan , the level commission is just the right option where the users with active downline members will ghain quality amount as a bonus . The Commission depends on the Sales accomplished by the downline Members.
Position Bonus:
  1. If the Members can receive the bonus after adding new members to the downline Also the Complition of the goals allow every Sponser to earn an attractive bonus.
Board Plan Complettion Bonus
  1. As the name suggest you receive this bonus by completion of the board MLM software which is said to be one of the best Software Plans.

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