What is Binary MLM Software?

  • Binary MLM Software is a web application that helps to manage binary networks such as to keep track on downline’s incomes and expenditure. It reduces the manual works done by the MLM company in nagpur.
  • Binary MLM Software is suitable for all of MLM organizations irrespective of their sizes.
  • We provide complete custom MLM Software package with the most profitable Binary MLM plan for MLM companies.

How does Binary MLM Plan work?

  • Binary compensation plan requires each member to recruit and sponsor two other members to join the plan, that can potentially lead to a fast expansion of the network in a relatively less amount of time.
  • In the front line of the binary network marketing plan, there will be two legs, Left and Right. However, if a recruiter hires more than two members, the new member will be added to the next available member in the power leg.
  • This allows a new member to be shared between all downline's power leg, nevertheless of who recruited them. This process is known as spillover. But in the case of profit leg, there will be no spillover because profit leg will only grow with the individually sponsored downlines.

Advantages of MLM:

  • Fast Growth in Business.
  • Low manpower required for marketing, sales, advertising, etc.
  • Each of the members receives incentives as per the performance.
  • So, they will get motivated & increase their business.
  • The product is sold to customer at lower price than in traditional marketing.

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